Monday, August 17, 2015

What is onpage seo?How to learn onpage seo for freelancng?Part-02

this image is about onpage seo learning

Onpage Optimization:Part-02
The previous post I described some steps of learning onpage seo.To read go to this link post I'll share other steps which are must be to & essential for your site.

4.sitemap create & submit:After submit the site address to search engine then you have to create a sitemap.By doing this google can easily access to your site everytime or hourly (you may select) & index every pages post url.This will be a big facility & your site will always be pointed to google board.Go to  & submit your site url then change frequency "always" or "hourly" your choice,then "submit".The next page you'll notify "your sitemap is ready".Then you will download the sitemap & upload the file to your html section by FTP software easily.

5.Google Webmaster Tool:Get into this tool & signup with your google account then "add a site".Submit your site url then they show you a html file and order you to download the file & copy paste to your site html part.You can easily do this by copy the code & paste into the html section between the two <head><head/> section.For this reason if you have a basic idea of site design html,css then it'll be more easy for you.After verify your site then you can add your sitemap to google by this tool.

6.Sitemap submit:After finish 4 & 5 steps you will go to webmaster tool to your site & will find a option add sitemap.Then just add "sitemap.xml" beside your url & submit.After all you'll be found how many site
page be indexed. 

7.Permalink:It's also familiar as sub url link.When you post on your site the server automatically make up a auto sub url & that will also be tough to crawl for search engine.Example: 

The first url is auto permalink & the second url edited by me.Look the second one is too easy than another & if you make the permalink as main keyword related then your post proirity become much better to google.

So I hope i can basically understand & could introduce you with the onpage search engine optimization & sure that you already realize how important onsite seo for your site!!!


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