Monday, August 17, 2015

What is onpage seo?How to learn onpage seo for freelancng?Part-02

this image is about onpage seo learning

Onpage Optimization:Part-02
The previous post I described some steps of learning onpage seo.To read go to this link post I'll share other steps which are must be to & essential for your site.

4.sitemap create & submit:After submit the site address to search engine then you have to create a sitemap.By doing this google can easily access to your site everytime or hourly (you may select) & index every pages post url.This will be a big facility & your site will always be pointed to google board.Go to  & submit your site url then change frequency "always" or "hourly" your choice,then "submit".The next page you'll notify "your sitemap is ready".Then you will download the sitemap & upload the file to your html section by FTP software easily.

5.Google Webmaster Tool:Get into this tool & signup with your google account then "add a site".Submit your site url then they show you a html file and order you to download the file & copy paste to your site html part.You can easily do this by copy the code & paste into the html section between the two <head><head/> section.For this reason if you have a basic idea of site design html,css then it'll be more easy for you.After verify your site then you can add your sitemap to google by this tool.

6.Sitemap submit:After finish 4 & 5 steps you will go to webmaster tool to your site & will find a option add sitemap.Then just add "sitemap.xml" beside your url & submit.After all you'll be found how many site
page be indexed. 

7.Permalink:It's also familiar as sub url link.When you post on your site the server automatically make up a auto sub url & that will also be tough to crawl for search engine.Example: 

The first url is auto permalink & the second url edited by me.Look the second one is too easy than another & if you make the permalink as main keyword related then your post proirity become much better to google.

So I hope i can basically understand & could introduce you with the onpage search engine optimization & sure that you already realize how important onsite seo for your site!!!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

What is onpage seo?How to learn onpage seo for freelancng?Part-01

Today I will discuss about onpage optimization.It's the first part of white hat/ethical seo.

If you are a owner of a site or blog you must need visitor but how will you get them?It's a very critical question.Somehow,you may arrange maximum hundred view over share site link,social sites etc.But remind always, without search Onpage optimization you can not get a huge amount visitor for your site.People from different countries does not know about you or your site.They will take help to search engine to find their desire site by searching.Search engine shows thier result base on their search keyword.So,now you should understand how important is seo for your site!
If you be a owner of new created website mustly you'll do onpage/onsite seo at first.How to do it?

There have to do many things optimized inside your site.Site title keyword research & analysis,Meta tag create into site html part,introduce or submit site to different search engine such as google,yahoo,bing(most important google*),add site to webmaster tools,sitemap create & submit to search engine for your site,site page rank check,add permalink to get better search result from google.These are the essential elements for onpage optimization.
seo learning

1.Keyword Research:At first you have to find out high average search,less competitive,common easy remindful keyword for your site title by using google adword/keyword planner tool.This is a free tool & you''ll get it by search "goole adword-keyword planner" at google.It is important to stay on google search result because people search by keyword not url so you have to select a qualityful common keyword which competiton is low but avg. search high on search volume/search result.

2.Meta Tag:Google can not recognize content or images.So how it make search result to visitor?It make result by crawling all sites by spider,query,index software.So how it crawl?It crawls not your content or images it crawls site coding as like as html,php,javascript.So you must add a meta tag on site html part to introduce site to crawler as they index your site to definite category.

3.Submit site url to search engine:After complete a website you have to meet your site to search engine then they'll index it,Go to search engine site submit location & add site url on it.Within 24 hours your site will be indexed & you can find it by searching.

I'll discuss continue on my next post.So stay here to learn!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Most Important Category Of Freelancing To Learn:Search Engine Optimization

 ☞ - What is search engine optimization?
☞ - Search engine optimization is a technique by which a particular word come on the basis of the search in the first pages of search engine. So it became much more complex. I give an example to understand even more better.Suppose you are in the search bar, and you search by entering "E-books". Now, more than 1 million search results at Google uncle put in front of you.You will get  the result  first page to page number 10 ebook related.But why some come first &  some website is on the tenth  This is a question?Maybe anyone did not think of so many days. But after reading,this post will give you the heart of this survey.Ok i'm answering.The first position staying website take the position by some of the techniques that can position the first page.And these techniques together called search engine optimization(SEO).I hope this matter is now clear & you does not have any hesitation.

seo learning

We can divide it into two sides:

1.White hat optimization.(the ethical seo)

2.Black hat optimization.(the unethical seo,the spamming)

White hat/ethical seo has two part:

1.Onpage optimization.

2.Offpage optimization.

White hat seo:This is an ethical way to rank your site top pages on search engine.By customize both onpage & offpage according to rule is called white hat seo & it is must to develop for all type of sites.

Black hat seo:This is totally unethical & know as spamming which has no value.You can rank your site quickly by spammming.stealing the content from others but that'll not be longer.Anytime google can penaltize your site & your site could get red card over a night.So it is better not to follow unethical way.

Now the main seo part is onpage optimization & offpage optimization.Onpage optimization is the site related seo.I mean which task you have to do inside your site is called onpage optimization.At first your site should be onsite optimized as like as site code these related.After completing this you have to do offpage seo which is outside seo for your site as example share own link to another site,introducing site to social sites etc...All this are inside white hat optimization & these is permanent which will help to keep rank longer on search engine.

So far today. I hope i can introduce you to search engine optimization & give you the basic idea. I will talk about the importance and other things on my next post later.So please stay visit  here!!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Welcome everyone! to my new blog .

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In this blog I will discuss fully learning process & every task of freelancing zone.It's not so easy that you'll learn freelancing over a night but it is possible only when if you could show full patience,desirability & hard work.So please stay with this blog to learn & gather more knowledge of freelancing.....So Welcome Again!