Sunday, August 16, 2015

What is onpage seo?How to learn onpage seo for freelancng?Part-01

Today I will discuss about onpage optimization.It's the first part of white hat/ethical seo.

If you are a owner of a site or blog you must need visitor but how will you get them?It's a very critical question.Somehow,you may arrange maximum hundred view over share site link,social sites etc.But remind always, without search Onpage optimization you can not get a huge amount visitor for your site.People from different countries does not know about you or your site.They will take help to search engine to find their desire site by searching.Search engine shows thier result base on their search keyword.So,now you should understand how important is seo for your site!
If you be a owner of new created website mustly you'll do onpage/onsite seo at first.How to do it?

There have to do many things optimized inside your site.Site title keyword research & analysis,Meta tag create into site html part,introduce or submit site to different search engine such as google,yahoo,bing(most important google*),add site to webmaster tools,sitemap create & submit to search engine for your site,site page rank check,add permalink to get better search result from google.These are the essential elements for onpage optimization.
seo learning

1.Keyword Research:At first you have to find out high average search,less competitive,common easy remindful keyword for your site title by using google adword/keyword planner tool.This is a free tool & you''ll get it by search "goole adword-keyword planner" at google.It is important to stay on google search result because people search by keyword not url so you have to select a qualityful common keyword which competiton is low but avg. search high on search volume/search result.

2.Meta Tag:Google can not recognize content or images.So how it make search result to visitor?It make result by crawling all sites by spider,query,index software.So how it crawl?It crawls not your content or images it crawls site coding as like as html,php,javascript.So you must add a meta tag on site html part to introduce site to crawler as they index your site to definite category.

3.Submit site url to search engine:After complete a website you have to meet your site to search engine then they'll index it,Go to search engine site submit location & add site url on it.Within 24 hours your site will be indexed & you can find it by searching.

I'll discuss continue on my next post.So stay here to learn!