Saturday, August 15, 2015

Most Important Category Of Freelancing To Learn:Search Engine Optimization

 ☞ - What is search engine optimization?
☞ - Search engine optimization is a technique by which a particular word come on the basis of the search in the first pages of search engine. So it became much more complex. I give an example to understand even more better.Suppose you are in the search bar, and you search by entering "E-books". Now, more than 1 million search results at Google uncle put in front of you.You will get  the result  first page to page number 10 ebook related.But why some come first &  some website is on the tenth  This is a question?Maybe anyone did not think of so many days. But after reading,this post will give you the heart of this survey.Ok i'm answering.The first position staying website take the position by some of the techniques that can position the first page.And these techniques together called search engine optimization(SEO).I hope this matter is now clear & you does not have any hesitation.

seo learning

We can divide it into two sides:

1.White hat optimization.(the ethical seo)

2.Black hat optimization.(the unethical seo,the spamming)

White hat/ethical seo has two part:

1.Onpage optimization.

2.Offpage optimization.

White hat seo:This is an ethical way to rank your site top pages on search engine.By customize both onpage & offpage according to rule is called white hat seo & it is must to develop for all type of sites.

Black hat seo:This is totally unethical & know as spamming which has no value.You can rank your site quickly by spammming.stealing the content from others but that'll not be longer.Anytime google can penaltize your site & your site could get red card over a night.So it is better not to follow unethical way.

Now the main seo part is onpage optimization & offpage optimization.Onpage optimization is the site related seo.I mean which task you have to do inside your site is called onpage optimization.At first your site should be onsite optimized as like as site code these related.After completing this you have to do offpage seo which is outside seo for your site as example share own link to another site,introducing site to social sites etc...All this are inside white hat optimization & these is permanent which will help to keep rank longer on search engine.

So far today. I hope i can introduce you to search engine optimization & give you the basic idea. I will talk about the importance and other things on my next post later.So please stay visit  here!!!

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